How are these “frequently asked questions” if you are brand new?

Great question. Really glad you asked us that. They aren’t! They’ll be updated with more when we are asked questions, but for now they’re just questions we think you might ask

For real, how much money are you milking out of us for your own gain?

NONE! For real! We started this little press with the idea that maybe the old version of the art economy (where artists work for *exposure* instead of money or where books cost $$$$$ to make as much profit as possible, leaving less well-off folks bookless) was bad and not at all cool. Instead, we’ll help people afford written words while making sure the artist gets the money they deserve!


What are the chapbooks going to look like?

The plan is perfect-bound 4″ x 6″ pocket size books, cream pages with matte covers. We are more interested in making the physical product fit the work inside, though, and reserve the right to make the books as beautiful as possible.

How many copies are going to be made?

That’s the beauty of on-demand publishing! While there won’t be a standard run, the supply will literally never run out. So if you sell a thousand copies, you can keep selling more!

Why are you only giving me 5 copies of the book?

Because we’re poor! And trust us, we know you want to sell the chapbook at readings and AWP or whatever, so we’ll make sure you can have access to more copies of your own book for as cheap as possible.

Why, when I go to pay the submission fee, does it say I’m paying William Villacres?

On the shoestring budget we’re working with, sometimes business accounts are too expensive to set up. So the easiest, most cost effective way for us to take in sliding scale donations (weirdly difficult to do any other way) was to use PayPal Me.

For full disclosure, the PayPal Me is set up for goods and services. This means that PayPal takes 2.9% + $0.30 from every payment. Your purchase is also protected, so you know, if we try to cut and run, you can take your cash back (we won’t do this).

Y’all are so attractive and smart and cool and good. Are you real people?